Pavel Hambardzumyan

Education of academic fine arts - Solo Exhibition

This story began with discovery, small discover for whole world, but big for me. My discover was been coffee beans in art, that unusual and new thing. I was looked for that type of art in a very different places, among artists, in the internet, museums... so i has not found any type of that. I was confused and i can't believe how that can be untouched, i have seen most every type of paintings such as historical, magical, miracal and other and other unbelievable works by great old and contemporary artists around the world. 

So over time I began to act, I painted one, two and others. Every coffee bean teaches me something new, it was one of the best periods for me. So I decided to paint a lot of coffee beans. Finally, in November 2019 I presented 21 paintings.

For the exhibition, i found something for the full deep imagination of the visitors, it was chocolate like a coffee bean, the smell of coffee bean in the room, a slideshow on the floor with coffee pictures, some coffee liquor, and of course real coffee beans, coffee was everywhere.

And so coffee, coffee, coffee... and the last thing you should know is that there are symbols in coffee beans, which i painted... did you notice it?

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