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It is strictly forbidden for the buyer to provide false information of third parties or fictitious names in the order procedure required to set off the procedure for the buyer. Pavel Hambardzumyan reserves the right to legally prosecute any breach or abuse in the best interest and protection itself or of all consumers.

The processing policy usually takes between 3-10 business days (excluding weekends) from payment confirmation. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email. If the shipping company will provide shipping number you will also be notified about this and will be able to easily check and control the status of your order.

The price of the product does not include any relevant VAT, GST, Shipping or Import Duties. Such duty is entirely on the customer, that will have to pay the amount to the courier or the competent authorities. It is up to the customer to provide all the necessary information and/or pay the dues in order to proceed to clearance of goods. Otherwise, the goods will be sent back to the warehouse.

Please keep in mind that delivery times are estimated only. The actual delivery time will have many contributing factors. If your order is time sensitive, please contact us before placing your order.

The goods always travel at the recipient’s risk. Pavel Hambardzumyan will not be held liable for any issue or delay caused by the courier used for the shipment.

All deliveries are posted to the address you provide, so please check your order dispatch email to ensure that the address is the right one. Pavel Hambardzumyan accepts no responsibility for deliveries made to incorrect or incomplete addresses.

If your order already has been sent can neither be refunded nor returned nor replaced.

If no disputes are reported, the product shall be considered delivered correctly and all reports should send to shipping company, otherwise Pavel Hambardzumyan can’t be held responsible instead of the shipping company.


After receiving, you have 2 days to report the return of the purchased item.

You must return the goods within 3 days after receipt of the authorization to return the goods.

You must ship the goods as follows:

The goods shall be shipped at the Client’s own expense;

The Client must make sure that the package is not damaged during transportation (the goods must be returned intact with all of its parts, including the internal and external packaging and the Client is fully responsible for the goods shipped back).

On receipt Pavel Hambardzumyan shall check the integrity of the goods, including the original internal and external packaging. If the goods or part of the returned goods are damaged or missing or their internal or external packaging, Pavel Hambardzumyan will not proceed with the reimbursement and the goods will be returned to the Client charging the latter for the new shipping costs.

Once the goods are received and the respective checks are completed, shall proceed as follows:

Pavel Hambardzumyan shall send email with confirmation, after confirmation shall return amount of order within 45 days minus shipping company amount cost, if it will be, and bank transfer charge.

It shall be the Client’s responsibility to promptly provide all the necessary data in order to receive the due reimbursement.

The withdrawal right may not be exercised in the following cases:

If 14 days pass after the receipt date of the goods;

If customized or clearly customized packaged goods are purchased;

If the goods are rejected upon delivery (NOTE: in this case, the client will be reimbursed for the amount paid, minus storage and return fees)


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